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What is the Cheapest way to Build a Website?

I’m struggling to earn 0 or more to get my domain name, web hosting and other. But there are millions of websites online and i don’t think all of them struggle to build their websites. What is the Cheapest and Smartest way to build a big website (not like wordpress blogs)? Is there any tricks [...]

What domain or host should I use for my website?

I haven’t created my website yet, but I am wanting to make one called or however I need advice on which domain or host to use. Please someone give me advice for the making of a simple website to connect teachers and schools in china. Thanks. Chosen Answer: In order to build a [...]

I want to build a website but server is too expensive what can i do?

I inqiured a local webserver of costs to build my own website . They said a really good one would be 125 a month…..or a generic one that is really slow would be19.95 a month. I have about 10 gig to put up on the website. Its not a business site just a hobby of [...]

How much money does it cost to make a website?

I really want to make a website but I need to know how much it costs. Chosen Answer: Domain name: for one year ( some hosting websites give you free domain if you host with them) Hosting : the best one I found is a year The major work is to build the website by [...]

Fatcow versus Bluehost?

Which one would be easier to build a website for lawn care? Im an amateur and just want to get it started until I can find someone more knowledgeable to make it more custom. Fatcow is cheaper at first, but then the renew rate is about the same as bluehost. Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st [...]

how can i be underweight and still look like a fat cow?

I am 115 lbs and 5’8 yet i am still very fat. I have huge thighs and huge stomach and huge arms and….pretty much huge everything. just plain fat. how can this be? how much should i loose to look skinny? Chosen Answer: How old are you? your BMI, 17.5, is considered healthy for girls [...]

Where can I find a review script that works on fatcow hosting server?

I’m really new to all of this. I have an idea and I’m having a hard time figuring things out on how to do it. I need a review and star rating system on my website. I’m using webplus x4 to build my website. but unfortunately it doesn’t support what I need. So I browsed [...]