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Why does some cows milk taste better than others?

I noticed that the cheaper brand milks aren’t as nice as the more expensive bigger brands, even the low fat ones seem nicer than the cheap ones, and are the more expensive brands better for you ? Chosen Answer: some people force them to eat choclate, to make their milk tasty… Poor cows.. by: Ronnie [...]

Can you pay a yearly fee to GoDaddy to HOST your website?

How much does it cost? Are there any cheaper options? Chosen Answer: Yes, you can. They have a couple of plans but there are some better and cheaper options like one of these: FatCow or iPage have the best features for the price. Their hosting plan includes: – Free domain name (.com, .net, .org) [...]

What is the Cheapest way to Build a Website?

I’m struggling to earn 0 or more to get my domain name, web hosting and other. But there are millions of websites online and i don’t think all of them struggle to build their websites. What is the Cheapest and Smartest way to build a big website (not like wordpress blogs)? Is there any tricks [...]

How much weight do the patient chairs at the dentist hold?

When they tilt it back I always feel like I will break it, Im not fat like a cow im more stocky than fat. Chosen Answer: There is no exact answer because chairs are made by different companies and each company makes multiple models. If you do a search, you will find that most chairs [...]

Why Chicken meat are cheaper than pork and steak ?

Chicken doesn’t have meat at all, whereas Cow, pigs have more meat. Pigs sounds easier to raise. Chicken makes noise, they smells, makes disease easily. A farmer needs many Chicken, because they are small, small meat. And why dog meat are expensive ? Dogs are easier to raise than pigs, cows, Chicken. Is it because [...]

Why is having your own web domain so expensive?

I created a website from weebly. Just as I published it, it asks me some options which include if I want to launch my own domain for the website. But it costs .90! If the website doesn’t turn out, then it’s not worth it. Any tips so I can get things settled? Chosen Answer: That [...]

Fatcow versus Bluehost?

Which one would be easier to build a website for lawn care? Im an amateur and just want to get it started until I can find someone more knowledgeable to make it more custom. Fatcow is cheaper at first, but then the renew rate is about the same as bluehost. Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st [...]