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What is a good web hosting site?

I’m looking for an cheap web host provider that will allow me to pay month by month. I’m currently using Homestead, I like the site builder they include but I hate their customer service. They are never available. What would you recommend? Chosen Answer: Never go with GoDaddy, they are charges too high and not [...]

Which is the best site to get hosting and domains?

I know I’m not unique asking a question like this. But honestly, for me right now it is vitally important. I’m looking for a good webhost and domans. My request are: video based site, good price, fast customer support. Actually not much but still dying for clever advice. Any opinions are welcomed! Chosen Answer: Not [...]

For my college project is fat cow hosting is good ?

For my college project is fat cow hosting is good ? I am looking for something which is reliable. Chosen Answer: Fat cow is one of the truthful and simplicity web hosting services because it has the best customer support, reasonable price, and their hosting is to be very easy to use and so on. [...]

What web host should I use for my new business?

I have been looking at iPage, FatCow and JustHost. Any experiences, good or bad, would be great. I should have said, i’m from the UK. Chosen Answer: Phillip. Without a doubt the best web host right now is HostGator. They have unparalleled customer service and can not be matched price wise. Visit: Also enter [...]

Web hosting options: Powweb VS Justhost VS FatCow VS HostMonster?

Hi, I’m considering transferring a website to a new host. Never done it before. I’ve done a little research and feel these four all seem to fit my purposes. Anyone got input on which I should choose and why? Btw, I like Powweb since they have a very active forum. Couldn’t find any forum in [...]

How good is Fatcow Hosting?

I am thinking about having Fatcow create my website. i was wondering how good it is with hosting, speed, customer service and quality of the websites that they can create. i’m spending hundreds of dollars and i don’t want to waste my money on something that will not be good. PLEASE HELP ME! Chosen Answer: [...]