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What’s the worst thing someone has Yelled/Said to you from a Car window?

The worst thing someone has ever yelled out to me has been “Quit blocking traffic, you effing fat cow!”, and other Stupid remarks have also been said to my Mom at times when we’ve walked somewhere together. To be honest, I don’t honestly know why they think doing stuff like that is funny! Maybe because [...]

My boyfriend dumped me because i’m a ‘fat cow’, is he right?

Is it fair of him to dump me because of this? I kinda didn’t follow my diet too well and ended up gaining about 5lb and he says its too fat and i cant go out with him is 99lb 5’5 that fat? would 5lb even make a difference? Chosen Answer: Don’t listen to him, [...]

What is the best web hosting review site?

Where can i get * the best hosting review on internet seems there’s bunch of web hosting review exist. * the most honest review and updated im looking for fatcow or justhost review, comparison site is better. but im just wanna get an overview picture of their services quality. tq Chosen Answer: i just found [...]

what’s the best web hosting company out there? any idea on fatcow? Every review seems biased.. :)?

any honest opinions will be greatly appreciated! Chosen Answer: One of the most reliable sources to check out web hosting reviews is reading the forum – the largest forum about web hosting on internet. Now the question is, are you looking for shared or dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosts are slightly more complicated issue, because [...]