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Is there some kind of program where I can design a webpage and host it too? Like a package deal?

I used to use mobile me to host the pages I made on iWeb, but now there is no mobile me. Is there a website making program where I can design the webpages and host them too? Chosen Answer: Most hosting companies nowadays have sitebuilder where you can create your own website template like the [...]

IPage,Hostgator,or Fatcow?

What is the best out of all of these.Please don’t recommend any other web hosts.I’m choosing one of these three. They’re web hosts I think I’m choosing Hostgator.But I heard JustHost is good too. Chosen Answer: They’re all pretty similar. The iPage and Hostgator are huge hosts, with very similar features, very robust, multiple data [...]

What is the best web hosting review site?

Where can i get * the best hosting review on internet seems there’s bunch of web hosting review exist. * the most honest review and updated im looking for fatcow or justhost review, comparison site is better. but im just wanna get an overview picture of their services quality. tq Chosen Answer: i just found [...]

What web host should I use for my new business?

I have been looking at iPage, FatCow and JustHost. Any experiences, good or bad, would be great. I should have said, i’m from the UK. Chosen Answer: Phillip. Without a doubt the best web host right now is HostGator. They have unparalleled customer service and can not be matched price wise. Visit: Also enter [...]

Web hosting options: Powweb VS Justhost VS FatCow VS HostMonster?

Hi, I’m considering transferring a website to a new host. Never done it before. I’ve done a little research and feel these four all seem to fit my purposes. Anyone got input on which I should choose and why? Btw, I like Powweb since they have a very active forum. Couldn’t find any forum in [...]