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Why Chicken meat are cheaper than pork and steak ?

Chicken doesn’t have meat at all, whereas Cow, pigs have more meat. Pigs sounds easier to raise. Chicken makes noise, they smells, makes disease easily. A farmer needs many Chicken, because they are small, small meat. And why dog meat are expensive ? Dogs are easier to raise than pigs, cows, Chicken. Is it because [...]

My friend wants to set up a website for a charity she runs but we haven’t got a clue where to start in finding?

a domain. Can anyone give me any ideas on where to look please? Chosen Answer: She needs hosting and a domain name (like or, or I recommend one of these Fatcow has the best offer right now. Their standard price is /year but they have the 50% sale at the moment. [...]

i’ve exerienced a lot of discrimination in my life and have been unjustly hated and how do i get over it?

as a child, i had few, or no friends. because i had a bully after me who convinced the whole school not to be my friend. then when i went to complain about, they sent ME to counseling. obviously if you have a bully after you, youre the one you needs help, not hte bully, [...]

my cay looks like a fat cow at tha minute how can i tell if she pregnant or is she just needs goin on a diet?

itchy is only 5 months old burr she has been goin outz since sh werr lyk 10 weekz old. there has been uva cats near er burr is sh preganant? tell me tell mi Chosen Answer: 5 months isn’t too young for a cat to get pregnant! You should take her to a vet and [...]

how to make my feeble dog a fat cow.?

my dog is really old and skinny. how do i fatten him up? it’s a serious question. i just needed an interesting opening question to draw people in to look at it. he always begs for table food but never eats his dog food. Chosen Answer: If your dog is old and losing weight he [...]