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How do you change an existing website domain name?

I have a current domain name and my host site is, but my domain is through How would I change my domain to a different name with out paying money, and without keeping my existing one? Also, I do not care if I lose information. and Sorry that my question is kinda confusing, [...]

is good hosting?

I need to renew my domain, and get new hosting, Is any good? thank you! Chosen Answer: Yes, take a look this fatcow special offers Hope this helps! by: on: 16th January 11

Fatcow versus Bluehost?

Which one would be easier to build a website for lawn care? Im an amateur and just want to get it started until I can find someone more knowledgeable to make it more custom. Fatcow is cheaper at first, but then the renew rate is about the same as bluehost. Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st [...]