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is there a website give me free domain ?

is there any free domain hosting to support php and uploading file management ? Chosen Answer: To have a free domain is only possible if you have a web host that offers hosting plan that comes with a free domain name. Fatcow is the best option for you, other than that they are also cheap, [...]

FatCow Review – is it the best?

How u find FatCow hosting? nice? cheap? easy to use? Convenient? or anything else?? Anyone out there have an experience owning one? pls share your feedback here with me! Thanks lots Chosen Answer: I love FatCow hosting a lots! I’m a super fans of it! It have lots of rebate and discount annually. Besides, it [...]

Which website creator is the best and why?

I am thinking of creating my own server, but the down side I will have to man it myself. Their is several hosting websites, what do you recommend? Chosen Answer: Hostgator is one. They received the Highest Level of Recommendation by WebHost Magazine as mentioned at: Another is Fatcow which is one of the [...]

Whats your review about fat cow hosting is it realiable?

Chosen Answer: Fatcow is based on shared hosting. They have lots of tools which you can use. I use fatcow for my e-commerce site for they are offer payment processing, shopping cart and ssl certificates. you can read more of their reviews here: by: on: 29th December 11

What is the best web hosting review site?

Where can i get * the best hosting review on internet seems there’s bunch of web hosting review exist. * the most honest review and updated im looking for fatcow or justhost review, comparison site is better. but im just wanna get an overview picture of their services quality. tq Chosen Answer: i just found [...]

Where can I find a review script that works on fatcow hosting server?

I’m really new to all of this. I have an idea and I’m having a hard time figuring things out on how to do it. I need a review and star rating system on my website. I’m using webplus x4 to build my website. but unfortunately it doesn’t support what I need. So I browsed [...]

what’s the best web hosting company out there? any idea on fatcow? Every review seems biased.. :)?

any honest opinions will be greatly appreciated! Chosen Answer: One of the most reliable sources to check out web hosting reviews is reading the forum – the largest forum about web hosting on internet. Now the question is, are you looking for shared or dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosts are slightly more complicated issue, because [...]