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is there a website give me free domain ?

is there any free domain hosting to support php and uploading file management ? Chosen Answer: To have a free domain is only possible if you have a web host that offers hosting plan that comes with a free domain name. Fatcow is the best option for you, other than that they are also cheap, [...]

Does anybody know any free subdomain host where I can upload PHP files?

I need a host where I can upload my PHP files. It has to be free. Chosen Answer: Free hosting doesn’t provides full php and mysql database support and as well as reliable ftp transfer. If you want to upload your own php files, I suggest, you will use a paid web hosting service like [...]

my girlfriend wants me to work out with her because she gained a few pounds, why?

I actually have metabolism so im nowhere near overweight and it’s her fault for being a fat cow and not watching her weight. she should go do it by hersle.f i even told her that Chosen Answer: Maybe she’s trying to tell you you’re puny and she wants you to work out and get muscle. [...]

Is there a web host that will include FTP in the package?

I want to buy, and upload a site within the next 24 as cheaply as possible. Does anyone know a site that will allow this? 1and1 makes you pay for FTP, so I would prefer not them. Chosen Answer: There are many web hosting providers and you might become confused to choose which one. It [...]

How can I host my own wordpress blog?

I have a wordpress blog. Now, I want to host my own wordpress blog so that I can put adsense on it and monetize it. Please let me know the procedure. Thanks in advance Chosen Answer: You first steps are to buy web hosting and a domain name. Most hosting providers are able to host [...]

What are some of the best web hosting sites?

What are some of the best web hosting sites? and why? Chosen Answer: There are many web hosting providers and you might become confused to choose which one. It is very important that you choose a good web host. Good doesn’t mean expensive. Good means reliable with great support. When you choose a web host, [...]

How much weight do the patient chairs at the dentist hold?

When they tilt it back I always feel like I will break it, Im not fat like a cow im more stocky than fat. Chosen Answer: There is no exact answer because chairs are made by different companies and each company makes multiple models. If you do a search, you will find that most chairs [...]

What shopping carts does Yahoo hosting support?

I don’t want to pay monthly for yahoo’s ecommerce program. I have tried to install Prestashop, but Yahoo does not have php 5, i have tried to install magento, same issue. Plus they do not support .htaccess file, which I have found to be a big issue. Does anyone know of any shopping carts yahoo [...]

What is a good web hosting site?

I’m looking for an cheap web host provider that will allow me to pay month by month. I’m currently using Homestead, I like the site builder they include but I hate their customer service. They are never available. What would you recommend? Chosen Answer: Never go with GoDaddy, they are charges too high and not [...]

Can I import an already created website to the 1&1 web hosting site?

I am starting a web based business and have created an awesome e-commerce website using Wix. I want to have my hosting by 1&1. What is the procedure for getting my newly created website integrated with 1&1 web hosting? Chosen Answer: Any web host will allow you to import a site providing that they support [...]