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How fat are people in canada?

Hi guys…im American. This is just a curious question! Here in the US Im considered a size normal. I look with meat but im not really really fat (american average). So i’ve been thinking about movin to canada but my mom’s like: haha ure gonna look so big in canada. Is she foreal or is [...]

Which website creator is the best and why?

I am thinking of creating my own server, but the down side I will have to man it myself. Their is several hosting websites, what do you recommend? Chosen Answer: Hostgator is one. They received the Highest Level of Recommendation by WebHost Magazine as mentioned at: Another is Fatcow which is one of the [...]

How can I stop thinking so negatively?

All the time I call myself a fat ugly disgusting fat cow, I hate my body, I hate the way I look and every time I look at a picture of myself I just want to shoot myself. I think about it all the time, nothing is ever good enough. It takes me several hours [...]

Has anyone used Fat Cow for Web Hosting?

I’m am thinking of going with this website for Web Hosting my business – I would love to hear from people who have used this, especially if you have an online shop in your site. Chosen Answer: Fatcow, Powweb and Startlogic are the same company under different names. Since there were many bad reviews [...]

I used to be really sexy. Then I had three kids. Now I am a fat cow. How do I get back to my old self?

I do not have time to exercise regulary, but I am not adamant all day either. Chosen Answer: First of don’t need to be skinny to be sexy, it’s an attitude thing, take time for yourself and don’t kill your self esteem thinking because of the weight you can’t be sexy…take a day at [...]

How good is Fatcow Hosting?

I am thinking about having Fatcow create my website. i was wondering how good it is with hosting, speed, customer service and quality of the websites that they can create. i’m spending hundreds of dollars and i don’t want to waste my money on something that will not be good. PLEASE HELP ME! Chosen Answer: [...]