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Switching to Cow’s Milk from Breastfeeding?

My daughter is almost 11 months old, and up until now has only had breast milk. She eats at least 3 meals a day and has a very healthy appetite. She will take some water from a sippy cup, but will not take breast milk, or homogonized (full fat) milk from a sippy cup. I [...]

I want to start an online business. Can you help tell me where to start?

I want to start an online dog treat business. I’ve wanted to start a dog treat business for awhile, and now I need the cash. I want to sell homemade dog and cat treats. How do I start? I imagine there are several things that I need to do to prove that I’m not going [...]

Fatcow versus Bluehost?

Which one would be easier to build a website for lawn care? Im an amateur and just want to get it started until I can find someone more knowledgeable to make it more custom. Fatcow is cheaper at first, but then the renew rate is about the same as bluehost. Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st [...]